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If you want to feel healthy and recovered, you have to be sure to constantly keep your body pure. Your body and soul play a big role and should stand in a good condition to each other. Hence this, I count on the use of natural resources and products. Using natural products and a range of therapies, I aim to help you, find a balance and strengthen your health. And this, whenever you need it. As a naturpath, I count on helping you recover and feel well in the future.

– Roland Tennie –

“The success of the treatment
results from the combination
of naturopathy and conventional medicine”

Roland Tennie

Dear patients,

My name is Roland Tennie and I have been working in medicine since 1982. My professional career took me through various hospitals in Essen and brought me to renowned organizations such as Malteser-Hilfsdienst and Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe in the fields of emergency medicine and disaster control.

These diverse experiences have awakened my interest in naturopathy as a complementary method to conventional medicine. Today I run my own practice for complementary medicine in Essen, where I use the power of naturopathy and combine it with classical medicine. My vocation is to combine both in complementary medicine in order to achieve the best of both worlds for my patients.

I know from my own experience how important the harmonious interaction of body, mind and soul is. During my time in conventional medicine, only a combination of both medical approaches could successfully treat my chronic illness. Patients now come to me from all over the world, including top athletes such as Kira Walkenhorst, Olympic beach volleyball champion.

Best regards, Roland Tennie

We take a holistic approach
to your health

Your connection to us

My entire therapeutic concept is always complementary, meant to be seen as an addition to existing conventional medical treatments. I am not an alternative to your doctor, but an extension. This approach is important to me, but especially for you, as the focus should not be on the competition between two disciplines but on you as the patient.

– Roland Tennie –

We create confidence,
because we know
what the body needs.

On my blog, I would like to regularly discuss current topics in medicine, introduce you to preventive measures and give examples from my everyday life as a naturopath. I am politically committed and always try to build bridges between conventional medicine and naturopathy. As a staunch advocate of this holistic treatment method, I hope to be able to support you in further strengthening your confidence in this type of healing.

“Highly recommended naturopath.
You feel very well taken care of, both on a
professional and a human level.
Great praise.”
“I’ve been helped many times before,
but this time antibiotics didn’t work.
I was able to see Mr. Tennie on short notice.
3 remedies, and I was human again.
Thank you, as always!”

“Mr. Tennie hoped his therapy could provide me some peace
for the future. I was initially very skeptical. However, he proved me wrong with his success. Now, my whole family visits his office. Due to his comprehensive knowledge, I would consult him first for any health issues before trusting anyone else. Thank you very much.”

„Sehr empfehlenswerter Heilpraktiker.
Man fühlt sich sehr gut aufgehoben, sowohl
auf fachlicher als auch auf menschlicher Ebene.
Großes Lob.“
„Mir wurde schon oft geholfen, dieses Mal schlug
allerdings kein Antibiotika an. Kurzfristig konnte ich
Herrn Tennie aufsuchen. 3 Mittel und ich war wieder ein Mensch.
Danke wie immer!“
„Herr Tennie hoffte mir mit der Therapie für die nächsten Jahre
Ruhe zu geben. Ich belächelte dies, aber der Erfolg gab ihm Recht.
Mittlerweile kommt meine ganze Familie zu ihm. Ich würde aufgrund
seiner Kompetenz auch jedes Problem mit ihm besprechen,
bevor ich Irgendetwas von Irgendjemandem behandeln lassen würde.
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